Svaroopa® Yoga Classes

The principles of Svaroopa® yoga unravel the deep tensions held in your spine. By supporting and aligning your body you will begin to release and decompress your spine. There is no stretching, straining, or exercising, helping you to experience profound release in your spine. Because classes are small, you will receive individual attention in your poses helping you to get the most from your pose. 

I also teach in themes. One of the most important themes is the daily practice theme. I come back to this theme over and over because it helps you create your own home practice and bring yoga into your daily life. Your experience with your own practice will only deepen you and you will  start to bring more of yourself to everything you do. I've seen this happen for people over and over. It's happened for me, and is one of the reasons I became a Svaroopa® yoga teacher. 

Breath work and deep relaxation are also a part of every class giving you a deeper experience of stillness and healing.