15 May

I'm Kris Montgomery founder of LaLiese Yoga, 200 hr YT and certified begining Svaroopa® instructor. Welcome. 

After years of an  atheltic lifestyle as a professional equestrian, and active sports enthusiast, everything from triathlons, to boxing, to cross fit, my body said enough. I simply had to take care of myself in a much different way if I was going to continue riding. Yoga has helped me support my active life style and keeps me pain free. 

Today I ride and teach dressage, as well as yoga, and I'm an active tennis player. But, that wouldn't be possible if I didn't have a yoga practice. It is the cornerstone of my physical well being, enabling me to stay involved with all the activities I love. 

I love teaching yoga, and helping people feel better in their bodies. I help people create release in their bodies using props, breath work and deep relaxation. 

Svaroopa® yoga is different than other yoga practices, it is about releasing your muscles. There is no stretching or straining, you won't feel like you've done anything, but your body will feel different. 

Join me on Sunday's at 1:30 and Tuesday's at 9:30 am and experience it for yourself. Nameste

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